How to Read the Sharpener in English or Español

If you're an English reader, you might be confused because some of the latest posts on our website are in Spanish. That's because our Spanish translations get released later than our English articles.

When you visit our website, don't hit "translate" when Google asks if you want it to translate the site from Spanish to English. Most of our website is already in English, so that will cause weird problems.

Instead, just scroll down, and you'll see our English articles. Or, on the menu bar on top, click "English," and it will display only our English articles. (If you're using your phone, you can access the menu by clicking the two short, horizontal lines on the top right corner of the homepage.)

Si estás leyendo en español, haz clic en "Español" en el menú y solo se mostrarán nuestras publicaciones en español.

Later, we hope to streamline the design of the website and make it more convenient for you to read the Sharpener in your language. But that requires some behind-the-scenes tech wizardry, and our tech wizard is overloaded with other projects right now.