Project to Build New Community Center at Sharpstown Golf Course Gets $5 Million from City

Project to Build New Community Center at Sharpstown Golf Course Gets $5 Million from City
The current community center at the Sharpstown Park Golf Course on December 15, 2023

On Wednesday, December 12, the Houston City Council approved $5 million in funding to build a new community center at Sharpstown Park Golf Course.

District J Council Member Edward Pollard, who is spearheading the project, said at the meeting, "The Sharpstown Golf Course and the community center around it hasn't been renovated in decades—forever. That's one of our city golf courses. It is a revenue-generating golf course, but we need to make it attractive, not only for the people who play there, but for the surrounding community."

According to an email blast from Pollard, the proposed 37,300-square-foot facility is still in the "vision" phase, but the current plan includes a restaurant, bar, banquet hall, golf club lounge, fitness room, ~160,000 cubic feet of storm water detention, and more.

A concept drawing of the new community center (from Pollard's email)

Pollard's email estimated the cost of the community center at $16 million, funded through "$2M of federal money thanks to Congressman Al Green, $5M in partnership with Harris County Commissioner Lesley Briones [Precinct 4], and another $2M from TIRZ 20." Add the $5 million from the city, and the total comes to $14 million, leaving $2 million to be funded "with private and mixed use dollars."

Mayor Sylvester Turner said, "This will be a transformational investment in the Sharpstown area."

The current golf course clubhouse includes the only remaining location of Prince's Hamburgers, a classic Dallas-Houston chain that once had eighteen restaurants.

Standing in Prince's bustling dining room, Doug Randall, the manager of Sharpstown Park Golf Course, said he's "very happy" about the project, but it's "very early" in the process and he can't provide more details until further discussions take place.

Pollard says that he "will hold public community meetings" to seek Sharpstonians' feedback before the project is finalized.