Election on June 15 Will Affect Harris County Property Taxes. Here's Where to Vote in the Sharpstown Area

Election on June 15 Will Affect Harris County Property Taxes. Here's Where to Vote in the Sharpstown Area
Blue pins mark voting centers in the Sharpstown area. Screenshot taken from harrisvotes.com.

If you own property in Harris County, the Harris Central Appraisal District affects your wallet. HCAD's board oversees the people who appraise the value of your home or business property for tax purposes. The higher those people appraise your property, the more tax dollars you pay.

As of November 2023, the Texas constitution gives Harris County voters the right to elect three members of the HCAD board. The board is responsible for hiring—and, if necessary, firing—the chief appraiser, whose team of staff assesses your property value.

If you protest your property appraisal, the appraisal review board (ARB) will decide whether to grant or deny your protest. HCAD's board is now responsible for appointing ARB members too.

On May 4, 2024, Harris County held the first HCAD board election in history. Kathy Blueford-Daniels barely won HCAD Position 1 with 50.4% of the vote. But for Positions 2 and 3, no candidate earned more than 50% of the vote, so those races are headed to a runoff on Saturday, June 15.

In Position 2's runoff, Melissa Noriega faces Kyle Scott. In May, Noriega netted 25% of the vote, and Scott netted 46.5%.

In Position 3's runoff, Pelumi Adeleke faces Ericka McCrutcheon. In May, Adeleke claimed 21.3% of votes to McCrutcheon's 41.2%.

The winners will gain indirect control over the property taxes you pay next year.

Despite the impact of HCAD on voters' pocketbooks, voter participation on May 4 was abysmal, with only 57,053 turning out for the election. That's just 2.2% of registered voters in Harris County.

Will voter participation break 3% this time?

How, When, and Where to Vote on Election Day

To vote, bring a valid photo ID such as a Texas driver's license, Texas ID, or U.S. passport. If you want to bring a list of your candidate choices, write it on a piece of paper—because it's illegal for voters to bring their phones into a voting center. And, of course, make sure you've registered to vote ahead of time.

Election day voting centers are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturday, June 15.

Below is a list of election day voting centers in Sharpstown and surrounding Super Neighborhoods.


  • Bayland Community Center (Auditorium), 6400 Bissonnet St
  • Lansdale Park Community Center (Main Multipurpose Room), 8201 Roos Rd


  • Cummings Elementary School (Cafeteria), 10455 South Kirkwood Road
  • Houston Community College Alief Center (Room 157), 13803 Bissonnet Street


  • Tracy Gee Community Center (Auditorium), 3599 Westcenter Dr


  • Wisdom High School (Small Gym), 6529 Beverly Hill St

Brays Oaks

  • Raindrop Turkish House (Turkistan Room), 9301 W Bellfort Avenue

Voting locations may be subject to change, so don't forget to check the Harris County Election Department's map before you go.

For more election information, including personalized sample ballots, visit www.harrisvotes.com.

You can also read questionnaire responses from most candidates in the League of Women Voters of Houston's Voters Guide.

Learn more about the HCAD board below:

Overlooked Election on May 4 Will Impact Sharpstown Property Taxes
Last year, many Sharpstown-area residents and business owners were caught off guard by a drastic increase in their property taxes. For example, based on Harris County Appraisal District records, the values of my Sharpstown apartment and a neighboring complex more than doubled from 2022 to 2023. That meant the apartment