Letter to the Editor: Narrowing Lanes on Bissonnet Would Pack Vehicles “Entirely too Close Together”

Letter to the Editor: Narrowing Lanes on Bissonnet Would Pack Vehicles “Entirely too Close Together”
A concept image of possible lane reduction and narrowing, proposed for a section of Bissonnet St in the federal grant application for the Bissonnet Corridor Safe Streets Project.

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Just read your article “Setting the Record Straight about the Bissonnet Safe Streets Project”...

Saw this part and had to comment, even though you didn't ask for opinions:

“The grant writers mentioned a variety of options, especially widening sidewalks and narrowing traffic lanes from 12’ wide to 10’ wide (11’ at most). But eliminating some lanes altogether was being entertained as an option.”

I would rather see entire lanes eliminated than have narrower lanes. That puts vehicles entirely too close together. I can't tell you the number of times I've almost been side swiped in this city of crazy distracted drivers. If I had been in a 10 ft. wide lane, or even an 11 ft. wide lane, I wouldn't have had the ability to swerve to avoid being hit. I have no idea who came up with that idea, but they need to be taken off the project and replaced by someone who is using the brain God gave them.

Plus there are too many wide trailers and semi-trucks driving on these streets, and they very nearly take up their entire lane as it is. That is a huge disaster waiting to happen!

I'm thinking The Sharpener might benefit from having an active Letter to the Editor column where readers can comment on articles or bring up subjects they'd like you guys to investigate and report on. Make it easy with a link and publish the best letters and suggestions/comments.


April 6, 2024

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