Sharpstown Eats: Omelette & Waffle Restaurant

Sharpstown Eats: Omelette & Waffle Restaurant

Omelette & Waffle Restaurant was unassuming—on the outside. 

Inside the strip-mall storefront, colors exploded. On the left, there was a wall of pink roses. White flowers dangled from the ceiling, and to the right, more flowers surrounded a green space with the letters O&W. 

Omelette & Waffle started in 2010, serving only breakfast. The original owners, a Guatemalan family, had worked in various restaurants, including Pappasito's and Carrabba's. As Omelette & Waffle grew, they added lunch and dinner, incorporating more items from the various cuisines they had worked with previously. By the time they sold to a Honduran family in 2017, the menu had expanded to include American, Italian, and Tex-Mex dishes, plus a Greek-inspired omelette.

The Greek Omelette with a side of fruit. It also comes with salsa and a side of toast, jam, and butter.
A Belgian Waffle with hot syrup being poured on top.

“People come for the waffles,” said manager Nancy Chevez. But they also tell her that “the chicken piccata is the best they’ve tasted in the area.”

Chevez, who started working under the original family in 2011, said the restaurant is like a family. When a long-time regular who came every day recently passed away, the family came in last Tuesday to inform the restaurant. 

Another regular, Pat Stroud, started coming after a St. Francis church group visit seven or eight years ago. She's been eating there several times a week ever since. She’s tried nearly everything on their menu and likes it. “They make me feel like home.”

When COVID rolled around a few years ago, the surrounding community rallied around Omelette & Waffle. “We never closed,” said Chevez. “People came and helped. We’re grateful to the Sharpstown neighborhood. They gave us a lot of support.”

The business is looking to expand. Saturday and Sunday can be so busy that there are lines out the door. If possible, they’d like to take over the hair studio next door and extend the seating. So far, it hasn’t panned out.

Omelette & Waffle is located at 8533 Beechnut, next to the Beechnut Animal Hospital.

Lemonade in mason jars. It’s a bit on the sweeter side.

If you’re concerned about handicap accessibility, there is one handicap spot right outside the restaurant. The wheelchair ramp is a bit small, but the curb isn’t very tall. 

There is wide spacing between most of the tables, and one edge of each table is open, likely making it easy to park a wheelchair there.

Author: Rachel Iliev

Rachel Iliev, reporter
Rachel Iliev is a senior studying Biology and Creative Writing at Baylor University. As a high school senior, she wrote the play Keep Your Head Above the Water, produced by Dirt Dogs Theater Co. She is currently finishing a creative writing thesis.

Photographer: Anna Gisler

Anna Gisler, photographer
Anna Gisler is a high school student attending Logos Preparatory Academy. She has a passion for running and photography. She looks forward to learning photojournalism with The Sharpener.